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Teens urged to be future thinkers. Contest with kind of cool prize.


Iraq/War on Terror

Jawa Report has some good ideas and good thinking on how we can really win the war on Terror. Wars are won when 1) The other side is all dead, or 2) the other side believes it has lost. Jawa Report has some ideas to convince them they've lost. (Go Penguins!)

Chrenkoff isn't gone yet! Working for the KKKaliphate

Doesn't get much bigger than this StrataSphere has an article on how 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick kept the 9/11 hijackers from being spotted. Look, we were already at war, we just didn't realize it. I'm sure the Democratic partisans will point out that Ms. Gorelick did us a service in allowing up to be woken up. Except that this might be taken as an endorsement of George Bush's subsequent actions. Quite the challenging dilemma for the "Denial" wing. So of course, they'll try and ignore it, and change the subject. How about those Florida Hurricanes? Did you hear that failing to ratify Kyoto is all George Bush's fault?

On June 25, 1997, before the Kyoto Protocol was to be negotiated, the U.S. Senate passed by a 95-0 vote the Byrd-Hagel Resolution (S. Res. 98), which stated the sense of the Senate was that the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol that did not include binding targets and timetables for developing as well as industrialized nations or "would result in serious harm to the economy of the United States". On November 12, 1998, Vice President Al Gore symbolically signed the protocol. Aware of the Senate's view of the protocol, the Clinton Administration never submitted the protocol for ratification.

oops! See also: Wikipedia

The left is running out of subjects to change to.

Jawa Report has a report on finding bombs belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Iraq.


Bad news for California: Schwarzenegger Redistricting Rejected



YAY! Saleh orders minors released!

Move along! Nothing to see here. Move along! It NEVER happened!

Well, Papa Joe never pretended he was ready to relinquish power, but Ali Saleh: A Stalinist?


Big Hat tip to Dr. Sanity for pointing me to this: George W. Bush allowed 9/11 to happen so that Ann Coulter could kill The French. Go generate your own conspiracy theory! Why let the "progressives" have all the fun?


If this is what's going on, why are they there? Some question third year of law school


LaShawn Barber takes down Affirmative Action nonsense and points out the cognitive dissonances. I read people complain about her having a "queen bee" attitude, but I love reading someone who is not only determined to make it based on her own abilities, but who has done so, and expects others to do so. To those who criticise her (and my) anti-affirmative action stance, flame away.

While we're at it, Michael Barone comes out convincingly against Native Hawaiian sovereignty. I made my opinion clear in this article.


John Roberts Supreme Court stuff:

Boston Globe suggests catholics not be permitted to be Supreme Court justices as they have an allegiance to Catholicism, not Roe vs. Wade. I'm sure most readers are aware that there is a constitutional prohibition on sectarian requirements or prohibitions for public office, but the Boston Globe (among others) has forgotten. OpinionJournal has the best take down I've seen of this nonsense. Maybe it's time I ran my old essay on "atheism vs. Atheism".

Captain's Quarters has some wonderful reporting on the NARAL ad against John Roberts.


Speaking of Opinion Journal, Brendan Minter has a good article on why Jeb Bush may be a good pick for 2008. Assuming Condi really won't run, he'd be up there for me, too.


Air America:

Professor Bainbridge and Captain's Quarters have some thoughts well worth reading on the transfer to the current ownership of Air America.


Is there anybody who is not disgusted by this? Despite Illegal Status, Buyers Get Home Loans. This is actively circumventing the loan process so you can do business with lawbreakers. I've done hundreds of real estate loans. I ask a bank to do one without a social to check credit for legal residents, and I can hear the laughter and hoots of derision from underwriters across the country. Not going to happen. Why do illegal aliens get special priveleges?


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Jane said:

you really do good work. thanks for the link as well as the leads.

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