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RINO Sightings is up over at Balloon Juice. Particularly excellent: MSM Misses Point Again, Oh Man, Why Does He Say This Kind Of Stuff?, The Hitler Zombie Escapes


This says the ACLU is counting more private security cameras. They don't like it. I disagree. I think that the more records there are the sooner bad guys are going to be caught, the more often they are going to be caught, and the more evidence that those who are in fact innocent will have to present on their own behalf. I think the trends show in the article are Good Things and Encouraging Signs.


Some non-technical stuff on the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter


Okay, this is weird: Ukraine gets steamed up over planned Russian porn film


Armies of Liberation talks about censorship in Yemen.

Armies of Liberation also has an article on malnourished children. This is despicable. Does anyone reading this not think there is be a connection between these data points?


Anyone doubting the kind of man our president is should read 'I'm So Sorry'. I don't know of any other president who made a habit of this. Certainly none have done so without the press there. You tell me if this is a warmongering cowboy, who had his mind made up that he wanted war with Iraq before 9/11. You tell me if this is the bloodthirsty tyrant eager to sacrifice our children in order to steal Iraqi oil. Ladies and gentlemen, I might have the strength to do this once, with one family. Again and again and again with multiple families, as our president has done? No way. I do think it explains how he keeps himself so focused on the end result of the War on Terror, however. (HT to Balloon Juice for the new article. I've seen similar ones before over the course of the last few years).

I have my disagreements with George W. Bush. Excessive spending and Intelligent Design are two that spring to mind right now. But whatever gods there may be blessed us when he was President on September 11, 2001. So far, his leadership on the front had been not only without significant fault, but stunningly brilliant and focused strategically. I can only hope that his replacement in 2008 will have a fraction of Mr. Bush's clarity and resolve in the War on Terrorism.

Michelle Malkin has a round up on the subject


Opinion Journal has some good stuff on the immigration debate.

Victor Davis Hanson has more ideas.


Captain's Quarters on Sunni denial and trying the hold the constitution hostage.

Victor Davis Hanson on the Palestinian Authority promising another Holocaust. And they wonder why nobody will trust them?


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Jane said:

Thanks very much. I'm still stunned that half the kids in Yemen are malnourished, about five million. I didnt realize it was that bad. Its so sad.

And yes you are quite correct on the linkage between the poverty and the censorship. There's a dot in the middle-corruption.

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