Carnival of Liberty

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Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Hurry, hurry! This way to the Sixteenth Carnival of Liberty!

T F Stern's Rantings leads us off with a discussion of the drawbacks of the Zero Tolerance Mentality

Eidelblog is next with a host recommended read: The Democrats' new myth of "energy dependence.

Blog Free tells us about child welfare

Xavier Thoughts tells us about some Hooligans on Bourbon Street

Unrepentant Individual tells us that Overturning laws is not judicial activism

SerandEz has and entry about Iraq Shames US - Good

Below The Beltway smacks down The Nimby's In My Backyard

Your host has a submission he used as a meme in Ten Big Things

Galen's Log tells us about the potential for the government to stick it's nose in Fat metabolism, Fat politics

T F Stern's Rantings presents Weighing in on Charges against Tom Delay

The Wrightwing goes over the difference between consent and coercion in Blind to the Line

Eric's Grumbles talks about elected officials who actually limited their power in Local City Council Proposes to Limit Their Own Power

Lest Darkness Fall discusses Bush vs Posse Comitatus

ROFASix brings an unusual take on liberty to the carnival in Sex Toys & Freedom

Conservative Cat talks about Dog Bites Man - Iraq Election Turns Out Peaceful. If you ask me, the miracle is that this would have been not only a "man bites dog" story such a short time ago, but it would have been a "man bites 233 dogs 457 times each and is not bitten back" story.

Everyman Chronicles discusses assisted suicide in State Rights or Accepted Medical Purpose?

Louisiana Libertarian discusses the Miers nomination in Just Say No To Harriet

Multiple Mentality takes on overbearing anti-p0rn0gr4phy regulations In The Name Of The Children.

Finally, your host indulges his ability to slip in a site specialty post with Games Lenders Play Part I


UPDATE: I apologize for overlooking a post from No Government Cheese


Welcome Instapundit readers and thank you Professor Reynolds!

Carnival of Liberty can also be found at The TTLB √úberCarnival


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