Judge Samuel Alito Nominated to Supreme Court

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The president has nominated Judge Samuel Alito for Supreme Court. Different take here. Obvious analysis here. More information here.

Captain's Quarters discounts the filibuster option, Michael Barone tells why the Donkeys won't want to filibuster him.

Among the legal set, Volokh Conspiracy seems to like him, as well as debunking the quota meme. Anne Althouse seems to like him.

Stop the ACLU covers the ACLU implosion.

Decision '08 has coverage of RNC Blogger conference call.

Vodkapundit notes that Alito has upheld partial birth abortion, not precisely the hallmark of an out of the mainstream right winger (out of the mainstream left-winger, maybe).

Daily Kos is screaming its usual logical fallacies and innuendo and invective. Decision '08 has their top ten comments.

On a slightly different topic, three cheers for the Instapundit for expressing an idea all too often overlooked: male choice, while Q and O debunks some of the hot air the Donkeys are spewing about one of Alito's rulings in that area.

Politechnical has the RINO watering hole on this one.

I see a lot more to recommend him than otherwise. He likes the Second Amendment, he thinks broadly and deeply when he's not hemmed in by precedent, his rulings that weren't controlled by precedent and the law were not anything that can be characterized as party line unless you allow for some major exceptions, everybody I've read has opined that he's intellectually up to the job, and there seems to be significant evidence pointing in that direction. Seems like an airtight case for supporting him. This is an A plus pick on the part of the president.

On the other hand, remember what I said on Thursday. It appears I've been borne out. Politically, this is risky, but it is a risk that must be taken if we want to have a President instead of a lame duck. Keep in mind, though, that thanks to those who wounded the President so deeply on Miers, this is a fight that he can lose.

I'm also disappointed to see how many "He voted my way on issue X so I favor him" posts there have been. This bothers me whether it's on the right or the left. It's indicative that you're considering the outcome, rather than the process of the decision, when you should, if you truly want "non-activist judges" focus on the process. If Judicial Activism is a Bad Thing, it's a Bad Thing whether they line up on your side of an issue or not. I prefer judges to line up on my side of an issue, of course, but what I'm looking for here is judges who will limit their power to what a judge's power should be. Samuel Alito seems to pass that test with flying colors.


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