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Some innovative thinking about what to do with human remains. I like some of these ideas. In the abstract, the diamond idea seems good but I'm not certain I want my family to spend that kind of money. When the time comes, if they can use my organs to keep people alive, fine, my family knows I want to be a donor. If they've got actual uses for anything else, fine. Other than that, put the remains to use as fertilizer (If nothing else, this is continuing a lifelong project of fertilizer production...) The only memorial that counts is what you do while you're alive. I don't do funerals, and I don't want my family to do headstone, casket, burial plot or anything else along those lines.


Wanted: Strongly religious muslims for an eternal commitment... Looking for work? Consider Al Qaeda...

I'd love to see the OSHA disclaimer on this one.

But for a truly appropriate treatment of this, we need Charles Schultz for one of his Snoopy sequences: "Here's the world famous suicide bomber setting out for his 48th mission..."

Or maybe Opus obsessing about what'll happen if he doesn't push the button and blow himself into herring chow? "Here I come, you 72 raisins!"

Sorry, but some things cry out for as much humor as you can throw at them. It may not be the best in the world, but it's my best.


On a more serious note on the War On Terror, Captain's Quarters has a good article on a document disclosing Al-Qaeda's strategic plans, and how the president has the right response. You don't need their strategic plan to know this, only what they tell their own people, but it's nice to have more evidence.

Iraq the Model has the lowdown on Zarqawi forfeiting any claim to be defending the people of Iraq.

Michael Barone also covers the presiden't speech and notes the correct things and the good news, and talks about a wonderful piece of idea judo he's got: an Iraqi version of the Alaska Permanenet Fund, where each resident gets a portion of the oil revenue directly.

Victor Davis Hanson makes points worth making again and again.


Looks like I'm not the only one appalled that El-Baradei won the Nobel Peace Prize.

LGF has a story about 360 organizations engaged in a nuclear arms race. (I really hope PETA is not one of them!)

Jawa Report has information on the awarding committee's politics.

You know what I said about some things crying out for humor? This whole situation is the Nobel Committee making fun of themselves. How far they have fallen since this hero or this one won their prizes? (The jury is still out on this one, but it's not looking good). Might as well laugh, because the alternative is not attractive.

Holy Spoofs, Batman!

Wizbang nominates somebody more deserving, and TBIFOC has another. The latter has the advantage of being completely non-controversial (except perhaps to Indonesia).


Given the most recent radio market share reports, I strongly suspect that this: Long an outlet for the GOP message, talk radio undergoes a shift is wishful thinking, if not an outright attempt at damage control of the whole Gloria Weiss Air America situation.


On the other hand, if Harriet Miers flubs easy questions like this as reported at Volokh Conspiracy, maybe we're better off not confirming her.

Beldar notes some of the published op-ed pieces, and also the court cases she tried. I am impressed, both by her trial record and by his research.

Art of the Blog gives one possible explanation for the nomination.

Upshot? I still think there were better picks available. But I'm not the president, and the person he picked seems qualified.


Armies of Liberation covers the desire of the regime in Yemen to be seen as a foe of terrorism, right down to framing innocent people for crimes never committed.


Remember what I said about a corruption indictment wounding DeLay permanently? If they keep finding stuff like Captain's Quarters has, I take it back. The more evidence I see, the more evidence there is of a witch hunt. Of course, DeLay is an Elephant, not a Donkey, so he won't get the kind of backing and bounce in the legacy media that an innocently (or not so innocently, Ms. Miller) accused Donkey would.


Unusual searches that show up on my logs: "watts per square meter cannabis" on Google. Went to my politics category, where I have discussed both the solar constant and the border patrol smuggling cannabis.

Off to Conjecture!


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