Carnival of Liberty

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I apologize on behalf of the Life Liberty and Property community for the lateness of this edition of Carnival of Liberty.

Carnival of Liberty 24

Being an alphabetically based recital of the state of liberty in the world

A is for Appropriate Penalties

Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds presents Some Thoughts on the Death Penalty

B is for Betraying Your Mission

Stop The ACLU presents Division at the ACLU

C is for Changing Tax Structure

Searchlight Crusade presents The Proposed Tax Change for Homeownership

D is for Democracy

The Idiom presents Azeri Elections

E is for Enemies of Liberty

TMH's Bacon Bits presents Condoleezza Rice on a Democratic Peace

F is for Freedoms Lost

The Pubcrawler presents How nationalized health care can destroy your liberty presents The government and health insurance

G is for Gutting the Constitution

Expressions Of Liberty presents The Supreme Court Established Atheism As The State Religion

I is for Insanity

Blog Free! presents Safe Passage?

J is for John Locke

SpeckBlog presents John Locke "On The State Of Nature"

L is for Libertarian (Not Conservative!)

Below The Beltway presents Why We Are Not Conservatives

M is for Murder

NoSpeedBumps presents War, Democide, and China - Past and Future

N is for Nonogamous

The Wrightwing presents What about the Nonogamous?

O is for Over-regulation

The Unrepentant Individual presents Don't spit, or you'll create an EPA-protected wetland!

Below The Beltway presents The Price Of Regulation

S is for Slavery:

CommitteesofCorrespondence presents Arbeit Macht Frei

T is for Theft

Ogre's Politics and Views presents Eminent Domain - Riviera Beach, FL

Mover Mike presents Still Problems With Eminent Domain

V is for Victimocracy

The radical Libertarian presents The Measure of a Society

W is for World Wide Liberty

Searchlight Crusade presents Is the United States Worth Defending

Carnival of Liberty is also at TTLB Ubercarnival, and next week's carnival will also be here at Searchlight Crusade. Please use Conservative Cat's Meta-Carnival Submission Form or email me directly.


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