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Dr. Sanity has THE ultimate round up on the events of the past few days. I guess you have to be a professional to deal with that much insanity.


Decision '08 cites Rudy Giulani on the failure to renew the Patriot Act.


I want really want to know how people can look at all the pictures of the elections in Iraq and NOT be profoundly moved? I'd like to understand this, really I would. I've seen hundreds, and the effect gets stronger with each one I see, not weaker. I've seen pictures of little kids who will be able to tell their younger siblings what it was like before. I've seen pictures of members of the new Iraqi Army, and Police Force, and even poll workers who will be able to tell their grandchildren that they helped make it happen, much like the heroes of our own Revolution. I've seen pictures of old women and their daughters beaming like they've won the lottery, the Oscar, and the Nobel Peace Prize all in one (and come to think of it, the Iraqi people would be a great nomination for that last). People who have helped turn their nation's back on barbarism and repression, however imperfectly, and onto a road of democracy. Free people, who now know the are free because they now have the power to do something at the most fundamental of all levels, determined never to become slaves again.

And I want to know, how can anyone with any pretensions at being an American not be moved?

Somebody sent Michael Yon a video.


neo-neocon has an excellent argument about and debunking of Jane Fonda's "Killing machines"


Captain's Quarters has the authoritative debunking of the New York times claim that the surveillance the president ordered was illegal. The president's action was logical, intelligent, correct, and legal. Had he failed to order it, we would be justified in accusing him of negligence, if not outright dereliction of duty.

Hugh Hewitt has more.

dean's World wants to see treason trials. Intellectually and emotionally, I'm all for it, as it appears there is evidence of treason. Politically, though, it would be a disaster, even with so-called "moderates".


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