Hillary Clinton Runs Hard Left

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I know that this is non-news, but look at the tone of the article: Sen. Clinton Turns to Veteran Fundraisers

The tag-team money appeal began Wednesday when potential Clinton donors received an e-mail from Begala warning that "Election Day is eight months away, but the Republican attack machine is going after Hillary Clinton big-time."


"You and I know what that means _ financial support from a Bush political-financial complex that leaves no special interest lobbyist behind _ and it means pushing millions of dollars into an anti-Hillary campaign," Begala wrote.

The evidence?

Begala noted that Spencer _ identified only as "her GOP opponent" _ met at the White House with aides to President Bush's political guru, Karl Rove.


In fact, Winthrop had said after the meeting that Spencer had received no promises of financial help. And as of the end of the year, Clinton had $17 million in the bank while Spencer had just $243,000.

So let me get this straight. The Republican Senate candidate in a high profile race meets with the White House Deputy Chief of Staff slash political advisor, and this is somehow evidence for a conspiracy? I suppose Mr. Bill never helped Democratic senate candidates?

Other stuff in the article to further un-endear Hillary to me, pouring gasoline on a fire:

"To give the devils their due, the Republicans know how to confuse the issues, distort the past, and disguise the kind of future they want," Carville added. "A future where presidents are way above the law and the people, where the middle class is squeezed while the rich are comforted and where Americans who need a helping hand get the back of the hand instead."


"Anyone watching the colossal incompetence of the GOP _ from botching up the Medicare drug bill to fouling up the response to Katrina _ might think these guys couldn't organize a one-car parade," Begala wrote. "But there's one thing they excel at: the politics of personal destruction."

Like, say, gratuitous personal attacks on people you're not running against?

"The Republican national chairman Ken Mehlman calls her `angry,' Laura Bush says Hillary is `out of bounds," and now her latest opponent makes outrageous charges that she `aids and abets our enemies,'" Begala added.

Well, duh. Nor is she running against George W. Bush, even when she does try for the presidency. The kind of opposition she has been to the current administration's war effort always aids and abets the enemies. For an indication as to whether it is, nonetheless, justified or at least justifiable, we need to ask the question: "What does her criticism gain the country?" For a graphical picture of the answer, go skin a zero. In other words, it's blatant political pandering. I do not know and I do not care whether that's what she really thinks. By engaging in these kind of tactics, she shows herself unfit for higher office.

I think she needs to be the recipient of a national ceremony like Worf had in that one Star Trek episode where everybody pointedly turns their back and walks away. How come a family man who believes and backs the same issues and stands as the majority of the voters is "out of the mainstream" but this "anything, no matter how outrageous, for a few more votes" is not? As Inigo Montoya famously observed: "You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Unless, of course, this is some new definition of the word mainstream with which I was previously unacquainted.

It is obvious that she's already running for the presidency, not New York State Senator. Especially given the lopsided dollar ratio between the candidates, New Yorkers would be justified in voting against her on that basis alone. On the other hand, I don't like her, and I don't like her priorities (which from observed evidence appear to be "Whats good for Clinton is good for America"), but I don't think she's been a particularly bad senator, and we always need the political opposition to have a good loud voice (Would that she used it to more constructive ends). On the other hand, if she's elected President, I shudder at the consequences.


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