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Carnival of Liberty. Recommended: Fearless Philosophy (I don't agree 100% but it's worth reading), The Sharpener, Eidelblog and again Eidelblog

Carnival of The Vanities. Recommended: Play One on TV


Q and O has the goods on Iran wanting to acquire missiles. If they don't carry nukes, they're kind of expensive for the damage they'll do. And the project name, as well. As McQ says, connect the dots. The picture that results is catastrophic.

LGF found an article noting that the UN has found plans for a nuclear weapon in the possession of the Iranians, as well as noting military involvement in the supposedly peaceful reactor program.


Social Security Choice reports on one thing the President got very right in the State of the Union address. If the government were a corporation, the SEC would have Congress in jail.


Greenspan raised the funds rate one last time on his last day. Talk about consistent to the last.

Federal Funds Rates are probably higher than they should be by 50-100 basis points. Bernanke is a banker, same as Greenspan, but I'm hoping his other background will help moderate his banker's instincts to keep inflation low at all costs. Greenspan created the last bump in the economy, and whereas that was probably a good thing, all things considered, it isn't an experience I'd care to repeat.


Captain's Quarters notes that Egypt has asked Hamas to recognize Israel, and has some good ideas on the consequences thereof.


Knew it was too good to be real department: LGF notes that France Soir has fired the editor who ran the Mohammed cartoons.


The Agitator has more in the case of Cory Maye, still in jail sentenced to death for defending himself in his home.


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