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Armies of Liberation has a post up about the Yemeni government libelling two journalists, tarring them with guilt by false association. She's asked any foreigners (non-Yemenis) reading it to please make comments. I believe this is worthy of supporting.


Carmival of Insanities. Recommended: Broken News, Winds of Change, Peace Moonbeam Chronicles


My second pr0n request hit. I was result #42 (Hitchhikers' Guide fans rejoice!) for the phrase, "naughty picture search engines" on Went to my main page, where 1) I have a link to the Axis of Naughty, a group that is the opposite of the Alliance of Free Blogs. 2) I have recently made a pledge that I will perform a search engine hunt for anyone in a country where the search engines are compromised, and 3) I occasionally post links to pictures, but at least thus far none of them has been worse than PG.

Somehow, I don't think that's what the searcher was looking for.

BWAHAHAHAHA!. Actually, that's worth two evil laughs. BWAHAHAHAHA!.


Politburo Diktat has a nice exercise in perspective on the situation in Iraq.


Buzz Machine has a nice acticle about the asymmetrical nature of press tolerance: How they can dish it out and expect everyone to act as if they've done you a favor, but can't take it.


Belmont Club discusses negotiations with Iran over nuclear weapons from a point similar to my own. Why should the Iranians negotiate? They are quite certain europe has neither the wherewithal nor the will to do anything about the mullah's intentions.


Asymmetrical Information has a good article on the economy, and the deficit. With the exception that supply and demand apply to everything, including the supply and demand of money, I largely agree. When the government sucks up money by running a deficit, it drives the price (interest rate) up.

Government demand for money is relatively inelastic; the bureaucrats have been told to spend this money, and it's not like it's really theirs. It's not their worry what they have to pay for it. But corporate and individual demand for money is more elastic. Result, when government borrows, there will be fewer real investments made in future productivity.


Out of time!


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