Links and Minifeatures 02 22 Wednesday

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Carnival of The Vanities Recommended: Mensa Barbie (good works in Iraq)


Cool! Pluto May Have Rings


What he said: Wizbang lays the smackdown on Sharia law.


"No Arabs Need Apply" Looks like Vodkapundit agrees with me that the UAE company set to run the port of New York should be scrutinized, but not barred from the job unless we can find evidence.

Dr. Sanity is looking for the upside.

Daniel Drezner has an evenhanded article on the pros and cons, and comes out pro.

Okay, my first response was "What are they thinking to even consider it?" However, my later, considered response is that this is what America is all about. Yes, the UAE company needs to be scrutinized. Yes, their handling needs to be watched. But if they can satisfy our inspectors as to their diligence, the transaction needs to go forward. I'm as nervous as anyone about some freighter carrying a nuke into the harbor. On the other hand, preventing that is not the port concessionaire's charge, nor are they capable of preventing it.


Q and O has a good article on the possibility of Mr. "I invented the internet" Gore running again. All I can say is that if algore captures the Donkey nomination, I hope the Elephant Candidate is not only sane, but is really good at keeping a straight face.


neo-neocon has some information about modern day indoctrination that you'll think has got to be a hoax. Until you dig a little, including this article she links that has got to be a modern day children's equivalent of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, or indoctrination straight out of Brave New World.


Jihad Watch has a completely fair and rational examination of a teachable moment with regards to freedom of speech. Works for me. If I was a teacher, I'd probably do it.


HT to Jawa Report for a pointer to an INDC Journal about the conditions this war is being waged under.


Big Lizards covers one unelected judge making himself a "majority of one", despite the higher courts, despite a lawfully imposed punishment, despite the will of the voters.


Armies of Liberation has more coverage of Yemen's Get Out Of Jail Free Week.


Captain's Quarters has some worthwhile reporting on the efforts to get the bureaucrats at the Department of State to pull in the direction indicated by the elected President.

These bureaucrats are Americans and entitled to their opinions. They are not the elected policymakers of the American people. If they find the current policy of the administration to be one they cannot accept and promulgate the way they are paid to, they should do what anyone else does in that situation and resign (or retire, if they are eligible). If their expertise is really all that, the publishers of the New York Times would likely be willing to pay them to write about it in multiple forums.


Victor Davis Hanson has some much needed perspective on peace movements.


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