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Monday the 13th Edition

Doesn't it seem like that fits horror much better than Friday the 13th? Friday's usually a pretty cool day. But if you've seen some past coworkers of mine on Monday morning...

Night of the Living Moonbats! (US Politics)

Strata-Sphere leads with a horror story for the leadership of the Democratic Party. And it will hit right after Halloween!

Unabrewer tells a very scary story about The Other White Meat! It's Aliiive!

Leave it to Professor Bainbridge to bring our attention to the real horror story: Incompetence. This is pretty much par for the course in war, by the way.

New World Man tells us how much horror the line item veto would cause. Someone calling "B*******!" on Congress? Say it isn't so!

Don Surber tells of the horror of asymmetry between the sexes, and how the situation for one sex is basically equivalent to being an Alabama field hand prior to the civil war. Take them to the salt mines!

Aiieee! Monsters! (War on Terror)

Armies of Liberation tells the scary story of the impact of the mass Yemeni prison escape on Saudi Arabia. Look out! They're Loose!

Your host tells an atomic radiation horror story! Mutants in our future!

Tom Rants tells the horror story of not looking before you leap! *Splat* on the rocks!

Decision '08, on the other hand, tells us the fate of the hero of one film. Oh, the humanity!

Pigilito Says tells the story of the Silence of Spanish Satire.

Trailing blood through the snow! (Canada)

Centrerion tells the horror story of the allegedly conservative Canadian government violating Canada's own laws to fund Hamas. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes!

Laugh While You Scream! (Humor)

Nose On Your Face tells the story of an old horror that's still with us! No it's not Cthulu. It's much worse.

Avant News Also tells of a truly universal horror story. The Universe was designed by Committee! Multiple Committees! Aiieeee!

Beware of What's Under The Bed! (Miscellaneous)

Your host tells about the horrors caused by remaining apart from the mainstream of society. They marginalized themselves!

Enrevanche gives us a map with all the political horror stories for corporations. "And then the communists took over!"

Inside Larry's Head tells us a real world biological horror story. Michael Crichton, call your office!

Sophistpundit talks about traffic management horror. Here they come and we're stuck in traffic!

aTypical Joe tells of the horror story of a talk show host confronted with his wealth.

Respectful Insolence slides in under the deadline with the tale of an all too real world horror story.

Next week's RINO Sightings will be at Below The Beltway

RINO Sightings is listed with the Ubercarnival


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