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My heart goes out to Iraq the Model, whose brother-in-law was killed by a team of assassins. He has written a defiant, emotional post on the topic

Kill us, but you won't enslave us.

I believe Patrick Henry would recognize a kindred spirit.

LATER: Big Lizards has a take worth reading.


Welcome Development Department: Say Anything notes that the tenured professor who led her students in destroying an approved exhibit whose viewpoint she did not agree with has been given retirement a few days early. Not exactly a resounding victory over the worst excesses of the tenure system, but we'll take what we can get. Here was somebody who owes their tenure to the idea that researchers need to be able to examine all aspects of a question, going out and censoring the other side through destruction of their property.


Via Wizbang, American Thinker notes that contrary to the pravda of the abortionists, fetuses do feel pain.


Denying the Holocaust is going to get harder: Germany agrees to open Nazi archive. The so-called Bad Arolsen archive covers at least 17 million people sent to concentration camps.


A remembrance of the Bay of Pigs, and what really happened. What you think you know is likely wrong. A moving tribute to those patriots who fought there.

(Later: Corrected typo)


Mudville Gazette, whom I probably don't link to enough given how far ranging their coverage on military matters is, has an excellent article on the retired flag officers criticism of Rumsfeld.


Jihad Watch debunks a soft-peddling of Islamic apostasy law.


A few days ago, I referenced an excellent essay by Dr. Sanity intended to be Part I of a 3 part essay on dealing with denial. Part II and Part III are now up.


Armies of Liberation has another article about freedom of the press (or rather lack thereof) in Yemen.


Big Lizards makes a good case that what voters face is, as always, not a referendum, but a choice, and the Elephants really shouldn't be too worried on that score.


As he notes, You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Michael Barone notes that the new deputy for nuclear disarmament in Asia is Iran.


Are you a BANANA? Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post discusses the political opposition to any new energy source.

Captain's Quarters adds his quite worthwhile thoughts.

I stand by what I wrote here. It may take a while, but the worst damage I talk about is not anything like a worst case scenario. I see failure to provide for enough power generation as a problem. If you don't, there's really not much to discuss.


Victor Davis Hanson covers certain parties trying to hijack the illegal immigration debate.


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