Carnival of Liberty

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Carnival of Liberty 43

The Carnival brought to you by members and sympathizers of the Life Liberty Property community.

Editor's Choice

Right Wing Nation

There is nothing I can say that adds to "You made us believe in heroes."


Reb Chaim HaQoton has a lengthy and detailed article tracing the politics and factions of Zionism from the 19th century to the present day in Reactions to Zionism

Pubcrawler brings british housing policies to our attention in Centralized housing policies. Pay attention: That's where the communists economic rights activists would have the United States go.

Resistance is Futile! brings us a riposte to Neil Young's latest in Southern Man

The Liberty Papers talks about President Bush's many failures and while reminding us that the other choice was even worse in Why Did I Vote For You?

Radical Libertarian talks about his experience in jury duty in Aaron Kinney vs. Jury Duty.

Left Brain Female has a question to ask: Immigrants or Migrants? I think the answer is closer to "colonists."


OK, So I'm Not a Cowboy makes an intricately reasoned case for saving marriage by removing state sanction in Defending Marriage.

New World Man has a nicely reasoned article about the government, the internet, and not offending people in Something that will never be discussed with intelligence or clarity anywhere. Except in his essay, of course.

Ane's Weblog discusses a certain lack of symmetry in I wonder would they do the same?

Homeland Stupidity talks about The true way to fix the entire government. Basically comply with truth in labelling?

Don Surber has an interesting letter on work requirements in Mexico from someone who had jumped through all the hoops. I highly recommend you read How Mexico Treats Its Illegal Alien Workers. I knew most of it, but people don't want to believe.

The Skwib discusses preventing old folks from acting like college kids in City council bans "overage" concert going


Mondo QT has an in depth report about the leveraging of potential eminent domain to force folks to sell in EDA's Follies: Part Four. The best way to deal with eminent domain abuse, of course, is to take away the money motivation.

No Government Cheese talks about the President caving to cheap political pressure in More Domestic Wimpyness From President

Fearless Philosophy has a proposal to make in A Fearless Free Market Solution to Lower Gas Prices

Combs Spouts Off in a highly literate, well researched article on how to fix the high price of gas in Gas prices, demagoguery, and economic illiteracy I recommend reading this article before you start complaining about oil companies. As I've said before, the problem is politics, not oil company greed.

Next week: Robot Guy


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