Links and Minifeatures 07 31 Monday (Just Carnivals)

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RINO Sightings Recommended: Bloggin' OutLoud and aTypical Joe, for the fact that they agreed to host a discussion debate upon gay marriage, posted on each other's sites, and kept it civil, issues oriented, and engaging. Also Pigilito Says for an article on the published research - or lack thereof - on intelligent design.

Carnival of Personal Finance Recommended: Brian Kim (how to make that raise really count) Stop Buying Cr*p (reading credit card offers. If something sounds like I might be interested, I read the entire thing. Carefully. Twice before I sign, which I never have. Otherwise it goes to the shredder)

Carnival of Real Estate

Carnival of Investing

Carnival of Capitalists Sorry I don't have time to go through it for recommended articles.


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