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RINO Sightings Recommended: Politburo Diktat

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Missouri Court Strikes down Voter ID act

The new law would have required voters to show a photo identification card issued by Missouri or the federal government before they could cast a ballot. Voters lacking the ID would be allowed to cast a provisional ballot this fall, but after that, only the elderly, disabled and those with religious objections could vote without one, and only by provisional ballot.

But you still need an ID to buy beer. I think this is just a little more important than that. If cost were the issue, how about donating the money for the lawyers to a fund to help people obtain ID? But cost is not the issue. Padding the voter rolls is the issue. Stealing legitimate votes is the issue. Running dishonest elections is the issue. A healthy democracy requires exactly one vote per voter. If I can pretend to be someone else (I could, at the polls), if people can register in multiple locations (as they can), if people can register and stay registered without being cross correlated to make certain they're voting in only one place (they can), if people who should not be permitted to vote can cast valid ballots (they can), then we have a problem.

Lest anyone be unsure, this is not a grandfather law out of the worst days of civil rights abuses. It has nothing in common with those laws, from intent to exceptions.


Gateway Pundit reports on Iran's real ruler packing an AK-47 to a speech.

Pajamas Media of the fate of an Iranian dissenter, a Grand Ayatollah no less, for the terrible crime of supporting more separation of church and state.


Captain's Quarters and New Yokr Daily News on Hillary's campaign:

Privately, Hillary's camp was not overly upset by the McCain swipe because it suspected he was doing the bidding of the White House and that he ended up, as one adviser put it, "looking similar to the way he did on those captive tapes from Hanoi, where he recited the names of his crew mates."

You could tell by the way he was dragged into the room in a cage and recited it all at gunpoint.

What? You didn't see the cage or the gun?

McCain's Response?

"I never expected the Clintons or their allies to know much about Vietnam. But [it] is disappointing to see one of her spokespeople purposefully lie about John's war record and time in a Hanoi prison camp. There was no such tape recording; though he did once give up the starting lineup of the Green Bay Packers while under extreme duress. Senator Clinton's spokesperson does a disservice to all who were there and served so bravely and honorably."

Game. Set. Match.

At last report, John McCain has escaped the perfidious prison of White House expectations and desires no less than several dozen times, Hillary. Could it be that he actually believes what he said (that North Korea getting nukes is traceable directly to her husband's do-nothing gladhanding for appearances' sake)? Could it be that there are some actual facts indicating that to be the largest part of the explanation?


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