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October 30th, 2008

The guidelines for this carnival.

As always, I arranged the entries that met guidelines into three levels, based upon originality, usefulness to the consumer, and how much thought and effort and research went into an entry.


There were no strongly recommended articles this time.



I disagree with some of what Brian Brady writes in San Diego Real Estate and Housing Outlook for 2009, but it is well reasoned and he makes a good case. Were it of broader area applicability, I would have put it in the "strongly recommended" section.

Fed Policy, Economics 101 & the Housing Market talks about some of what causes housing prices to rise or fall.

Dave McCormick On Restoring Global Stability has some good macro-economic information.

$7500 First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit is a good basic overview. It is called a tax credit, but it really is a tax loan, not a tax credit.

Your host presents Will I Qualify for the Loan to Buy Real Estate During The Market Meltdown?



How to Sell Your Home Fast in a Slow Housing Market gives several pieces of advice that I disagree with, some provably and objectively, but there's some good information there also.

10 Amazing, Beautiful Houses Built from Trash

Real Estate Investing Pros and Cons



A site named Free Debt Consolidation: Qualified Financial Management submitted an article called "What Exactly Is Personal Debt Consolidation?" which failed to so much as mention real estate. Furthermore, the article was wrong about the process in several particulars, despite being vague to the point of uselessless. If that's the best thing they're written in the past month, that's really pathetic

In another violation of guidelines, they then followed up with another useless and incorrect article that doesn't so much as mention real estate called "How Can I Recover from Bankruptcy?" Two outs in one at bat. It takes talent to mess up that pathetically, and I don't mean "talent" in a good way.

For those who might object to the treatment their submission received, the relevant information has been in the guidelines since before submissions were being accepted for this carnival. Having been told to read the guidelines, you willingly submitted these posts. Live with it.

Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate will return in one month on November 30, 2008, here at Searchlight Crusade, unless someone else wants to host. Deadline for submissions will be Midnight November 28th.


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Thank you for including us in your carnival. I like your no nonsense writing style and your comments on the election as well. Keep the faith!

Brian Brady Author Profile Page said:

Nice work...again. Thanks for hosting the carnival. It was a pleasure to meet with you at SDBloggers Meet up

Dan Melson Author Profile Page said:

Likewise. Hope to see you again next month (both carnival and meetup)

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