The Qualification Letter I Use for My Buyers and Require For My Listings

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I have never had someone tell me they wanted more information than this letter provides. I also require the prospective loan officer to fill if out for prospective purchasers of my occasional listings.

DELETED (Mortgage Corporation)

My name is Dan Melson and my License number with the Department of Real Estate is DELETED. I have funded in excess of one thousand real estate loans

This is to certify that I have performed initial investigation as to whether Mr. Client and Ms. Client are eligible for the contemplated loan and purchase under the purchase contract being submitted on (property address)

I have run their credit score with all three major credit reporting agencies. Credit scores as of DATE are

Primary Borrower

The credit report lists their current monthly debt service as being a total of $X/month, and according to Mr. Client and Ms. Client, they have no other debts.

I have in my possession copies of paystubs for current year and w-2s or tax forms for the prior year, acceptable to lenders for documentation of income. These indicate pay for the last thirty days as well as year to date pay and prior year.

Total Income for the period to be averaged $X (DELETED months)

This indicates an average monthly income of $X

This monthly income, per (details of specific loan) guidelines, allows a total debt service plus housing of up to $X per month.

Projected Property Taxes: $X/month
Homeowner's Insurance: $X/month
HOA Dues: $X/month
Mello-Roos: $X/month

Fully Amortized Loan Payment: $X/month ($X at Y%, type of loan, pricing date)

Total of housing and other debts : $X/month

Since this is less than the total allowance based upon income, I have reason to believe Mr. Client and Ms. Client will qualify for the loan based upon Debt to Income Ratio. Projected back end Debt to Income Ratio: X%

The Allowed Loan to Value Ratio for contemplated loan per lender guidelines is X%.

I have in my possession current bank and other asset statements indicating the presence of liquid assets in the amount of over $X

Projected down payment: $X
Projected loan closing costs: $X (includes loan closing costs including all third party costs as well as points, if any)
Projected impound account and prepaid: $X
Other projected expenses: $X (Inspection and anything else I know we'll need)

Total: $X

Accordingly, Mr. Client and Ms. Client appear to be in possession of sufficient cash to fund the projected down payment and other closing costs.

Therefore, according to known underwriting guidelines applicable to the specific loan indicated above, having verified and tested Debt to Income Ratio, Loan to Value Ratio, Credit Score, and cash to close, I have a reasonable basis to believe that Mr. Client and Ms. Client will qualify for the above contemplated loan in a timely fashion to complete the contemplated purchase in a timely fashion.


Dan Melson, Loan Officer
DELETED (Mortgage Corporation)

This website does not speak for my brokerage, therefore I do not use their name here, but those are filled in on the real thing. Actually, I use computer generated letterhead. This is the precise equivalent of an accountant's testimonial letter. Whomever it is given to needs to be able to contact me with questions, and I am responsible for specific details I mention. Without those details, I might add, whatever paper this is printed upon is completely worthless.

I write every one of these specific to a given property and a given purchase contract and loan pricing as of a given date, and usually with quite a bit of wiggle room on the actual rate and cost. It doesn't do any good to write that the loan depends upon getting financing that may not be available tomorrow if the rates rise even slightly. It certainly doesn't do anyone any good to write that "Mr. Client and Ms. Client are pre-approved for a loan up to $X" without specifying the parameters I used to justify that statement. Debt to Income Ratio, Loan to Value Ratio, Size of loan, size of payment, estimated closing costs, estimated cash to close, specific tradeoffs between rate and cost that vary daily (at least) - all of these have an effect upon whether the prospective buyer will qualify for this loan under this proposed contract today. Without all of this information, the seller's determination as to whether to grant credit by signing that purchase contract is missing some vital information. It's not that any prequalification or pre-approval is actually worth anything, in the sense of being able to hold that loan officer responsible for any and all failed loans, but they can be held responsible for material misrepresentation. Without a representation or relevant facts used to reach the conclusion, what assurance have you that the person who wrote it didn't just flip a two-headed coin? "Sure, they qualify!" (I'll figure out what they really qualify for later, but they sure are happy with me for saying they qualify...)

The whole idea of such a letter is that the person to whom it is presented can go to any competent loan officer and ascertain whether or not this loan can be done. I have never had anyone call me for more information or for verification - which means one of three things must apply: 1) The people on the other end can tell that the loan can be done, 2) They're just putting the letter in the file for CYA, 3) They're just asking for this letter so they can illegally refer people to a specific loan provider who refers the clients back to them or gives even better kickbacks.

I'd like to see this or something like it standardized across the industry. If you're going to write a letter, you might as well write one that means something, that contains enough information for the person on the other end to be able to make a reasonable determination of whether this is, in fact, a reasonable transaction that has every likelihood of becoming a fully consummated transaction. That is the only possible excuse for requiring such a letter in the first place - your client's best interest. You can satisfy your client interest without violating RESPA - all you need is the information to know whether the loan officer writing the letter based that letter on solid facts or not.

Caveat Emptor

Original article here


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